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tBufferOutput Component

The tBufferOutput component allows you to write row data to a Buffer, for later reading by the tBufferInput component. When working with large data sets, consideration should be given to the memory requirement of this component.

Returning data from a Child Job

tBufferOutput is a convenient method for returning row data from a Child Job (tRunJob). This technique is described in the article Returning Values from a SubJob.

This technique is used by the example reusable library Job LibContextReader. In this example LibContextReader is a Child Job (tRunJob) that reads Context from a file, for loading by your own Job (the parent Job), using the tContextLoad component.

Processing Data from Multiple Branches

Sometimes, you may want to process data from multiple branches of you Job. tBufferOutput allows you to buffer the data from any number of branches. You may then process this data later, using the tBufferInput component.

This technique was used in the example Job Generate Ticker Symbols; which is part of our Stock Market Analysis Project, series of articles. In this example, Stock Market Ticker Symbol may be generated from program code, or read from a database. This decision determines the data that is written to tBufferOutput, for later reading by tBufferInput.

Expert Consultancy from Yellow Pelican
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