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Talend Studio Outline Panel

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Talend Studio Outline Panel

The Outline Panel displays all of the Components that belong to a Job, together with the runtime information that is made available, by way of an object being placed on globalMap.

This panel is displayed when you have the Integration (default) Perspective open and is only available when you have a Job open in your Design Workspace.

The following screenshot shows the Job MySQLExample. As can be seen from the Outline Panel, each of the Components used within the Job are shown. Both the Component Names and Labels are displayed. You will also see that each Component node may be expanded.

Viewing Runtime Information

The next screenshot shows that the tMysqlInput_1 ("Address") node has been expanded, showing the runtime information that is available for this component.

There are three items displayed for this component, as shown in the following table: -

ItemglobalMap Value
Error Message - ERROR_MESSAGE (After)(String) globalMap.get("tMysqlInput_1_ERROR_MESSAGE")
Number of line - NB_LINE (After)(Integer) globalMap.get("tMysqlInput_1_NB_LINE")
Query - QUERY (Flow)(String) globalMap.get("tMysqlInput_1_QUERY")

The globalMap keys is constructed from componentName_itemName. When you retrieve the object from globalMap, you must cast it to the correct type.

After and Flow

Information from components are available either during data flow, or after the component has completed. This availability is indicated in the Outline Panel. If you retrieve an object before it is available, then a NullPointerException may be thrown if you attempt to access the object.

Example Values

In our example, the following values are made available.


ERROR_MESSAGE is a String object that is set on completion of the Component. If an error message is generated, it will be assigned to this item.


NB_LINE is an Integer object that is set on completion of the Component. It indicates the total number of rows that were read from the database.


QUERY is a String object that is set during data flow. It is set to the SQL query that was passed to the database.

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