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Stock Market Analysis Project - Generate Ticker Symbols

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Generate Ticker Symbols

This Job is part of the Stock Market Analysis Project series of articles, and is used to generate a list of candidate Stock Ticker Symbol.

Ticker Symbol will be the seed data for this Data Warehouse project.

Download LibMakeTickerSymbols

You may download LibMakeTickerSymbols and import (Job Designs->Import items) in to a Talend Project of your choice. This download is supported by Talend 5.2.2 and above.



As discussed in Stock Market Analysis Project, the lack of a simple and readily available list of Ticker Symbol has resulted in the need for a program that is capable of generating candidate Ticker Symbol. With an exchange that uses both 3 and 4 character symbols, this does become impractical as it results in 46,656 numbers of 3-character symbols and 1,769,616 numbers of 4-character symbol. For the purpose of the examples here, we will stick to just the 3-charater symbols; which is a manageable exercise. It is intended that this seed-data will be replaced with a more predictive solution, should this become a real application.


The following parameters (Context Variables) may be overridden, by passing them from a parent Job.

ParameterDefault ValueDescription
generate3CharacterSymbolstrueIndicates if the Job should generate 3 character symbols using characters [0-9[][A-Z]
generate4CharacterSymbolsfalseIndicates if the Job should generate 3 character symbols using characters [0-9[][A-Z]
suffuxLThe Stock Exchange suffix to use.

Generated Data

The table shown, below, demonstrates the data generated by this Job. It is a simple list of candidate Ticker Symbol.

Sample Data


Next Step

You are now ready to move on to the next article in this series, Get Stock Quotes.

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