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Stock Market Analysis Project - Database Configuration

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Database Configuration

This article is part of the Stock Market Analysis Project series of articles. This article provides information on database configuration, for this project.

You may find the series of articles Working With Databases a useful foundation for this project.


This project will use MySQL as the host database. Before starting this tutorial, you will need to install MySQL. It is suggested that you create a Schema and Account, for use only by this project. The suggested Schema name is StockMarket.

MySQL Configuration

Connection to MySQL is established using the reusable library Job, LibMySQLSharedConnection. This in turn, calls on LibContextReader, to load connection parameters.

Once MySQL has been installed, you will need to create a configuration file. The default name will be $HOME/talend/context/Default.StockMarket.MySQL.cfg, where $HOME represents your Home Directory.

The following shows a sample configuration file; which should be suitable for most local MySQL configurations.

# This is a sample Talend Context File, for connecting to a MySQL Database

Next Step

If you would like to test Talend Connectivity with your new MySQL database, then follow the steps in the article Create Data Warehouse; otherwise, move to the next article in this series, Generate Ticker Symbols.

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