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Logs & Errors Components

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Logs & Errors Components

The Logs & Errors family of components allow you to log information about the execution of your Job. With the exception of tDie, these components play no functional part in the task-specific processing of your Job; however, they play an important pat in the debugging your Jobs and helping to ensure their smooth running.

This article gives an overview of each of these components, providing a good understanding of where each of these may help. In later articles, we'll look at each of these components in more detail.


The component tLogRow allows you to write row data to the Job log file, or console window, if you're running your Job from within Talend Studio.

If you're running your Job from within Talend Studio, remember that, writing a large volume of data to the console windows, makes Talend Studio very unresponsive.

tAsset / tAssetCatcher

This pair of components allows you to send and catch non-blocking trigger messages.

tChronometerStart / tChronomoterStop

tChronometerStop records and displays the elapsed time since the start of a SubJob or an associated tChronometerStart.


This component sends a message to a tLogCatcher and allows the Job to terminate a Job, with a specified Exit Code, once the message has been processed.

tFlowMeter / tFlowMeterCatcher

This pair of components allows you to record and catch the data-flow metrics of your Job.


This component carches messages from tDie and tWarn.


This component writes row data to the console.


The tStatCatcher component catches statistics that are generated by a Job or individual components. Statistics are always collected for Jobs, components must have tStatCatcher Statistics enabled (Advanced settings).


This component sends a non-blocking message to a tLogCatcher.

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