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This series of articles will discuss the use of Talend in the building of a Data Warehouse. To achieve this, we will build both an Operational Data Store (ODS) and a Data Warehouse which is a Dimensional Model. This database will record Stock Market data that has been collected from Yahoo! Finance (Please read Yahoo's Terms of Service), and other freely available sources. This will demonstrate many of the features of Talend for both Data Warehouse and non Data Warehouse Applications.

If you are new to Data Warehousing, there are plenty of good books on this Subject, such as The Data Warehousing Toolkit by Ralf Kimball. There are, of course, differences of opinions on the best approach for modelling a Data Warehouse. For the purposes of this documentation, I will include Operational Data Store under the umbrella of a Data Warehouse, and present analytical reporting through a Dimensional Model.

We will build a collection of reusable code that should be helpful in all of your Talend development, as well as looking at how we can build a useful application.

If you follow these articles and use data provided by Yahoo! Finance, please remember to read their Terms of Service. The examples shown here are for demonstration purposes only and the site will not display any data that has actually been sourced from Yahoo! Finance. These articles do not imply that any data may be used for commercial purposes or redistributed. This is simply a demonstration of what may be done and how it may be achieved.

This tutorial will start off by looking at how a couple of Typical Dimensions can be built. Dimensions represent the attributes of your Dimensional Data Warehouse, and building some general purpose Dimensions is a good way to get things going. Once we have these in place, we can look at collecting some data and building further Dimensions and some Fact Tables.

Expert Consultancy from Yellow Pelican
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