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Component Design Setup

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Talend Component Design Setup

In this tutorial, we'll look at the basics of component writing, making sure that everything is in place, before you start writing your first component.

Component Designer Perspective

Talend Studio is an Eclipse based product, with your work being performed within a perspective. The default perspective is Integration, and this is where you would normally design your Talend Jobs.

For designing components, you will need to switch to the Component Design perspective. Before we do that, we'll need to configure Talend, for working with this new perspective.

Component Designer Configuration

Before we can work with the Component Designer perspective, we need to make two configuration changes. This is to tell both the Component Designer and the Component Palette where out new components will be located.

These settings are accessed from the Preferences dialog, which may be found on both the Talend Studio and Window, main menus.

Once Preferences has been selected, you should see a dialog that is similar to the one shown below.

Talend Component Designer Directory

This option tells the Component Designer where you will be creating your new components. Without specifying this directory, you will be unable to perform any actions, when you switch to the Component Designer perspective. You can either enter a directory name manually (which must already exist), or you may hit the Browse button to navigate to a directory and, optionally, create a new one. I would recommend creating a directory that is specifically for your new components, for example, $HOME/talend/mycomponents; where $HOME represents your Home Directory.

If you receive a warning message, reminding you that this modification only affects the Component Designer and not the Component Palette, you can simply acknowledge this message, as we will be configuring the Component Palette in the next step.

When you have entered the directory of your choice, hit the OK button. The following screenshot shows a correctly completed dialog.

User Component Folder (Directory)

This option can be found under Talend->Components and tells Talend Studio where custom components may be found, when Talend is building the Component Palette. Set this directory to the same value that you entered for the Talend Component Designer Directory, as shown below.

Next Step

The next article in this series is an Introduction to Component Design. This will then consider building our first component.

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