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A Basic Talend Job Template

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Template Overview

If you're looking for a full-featured Talend Development Framework including templates for your Talend project, take a look at

This basic Job template is the first building block in the Talend Cookbook. Other templates will build on this basic Job, with each one introducing new techniques.

Download BasicJobTemplate

You may download the BasicJobTemplate and import (Job Designs->Import items) in to a Talend Project of your choice. This download is supported by Talend 5.2.0 and above.

Incuded in this download

  • Repository/Job Designs/Lib/LibContextReader
  • Repository/Job Designs/Palette/BasicJobTemplate
  • Repository/Contexts/General


General Context Group

This Job includes a General Context Group. This is intended to hold Context Variables that are required by most, if not all of your Talend Jobs.

This group has three Contexts, Default, Test and Production. You may chose to add additional items, depending on your requirements. If you choose to only use the single Default Context, then I would recommend that you leave the others defined but unused. All of the Jobs in this cookbook use this standard arrangement.

Using BasicJobTemplate

To use this template, select this Job in Repository->Job Designs->Palette and right-click to access the Job pop-up menu. Select Duplicate, and choose a new name of your choice. Place your new Job at the main Job Designs level.

To add your own task specific components, you will usually disconnect LibContextReader from DeInitJob (OnSubJobOk) and insert your own components.


InitJob is a place holder tJava component, for placing any initialisation code that your Job may require.

Load General Context

This SubJob loads the General context, as descibed in the the LibContextReader reference.

To get started with this, create the file $HOME/talend/context/Default.General.cfg (where $HOME represents the home directory of the user that will execute the Job) and add the following content. You should modify this content, as appropriate.

# This is a sample Talend Context File, for reading by LibContextReader


DeInitJob is a place holder tJava component, for placing any de-initialisation code that your Job may require.

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