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Installing Talend 5.3

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Installing Talend 5.3

As with all Talend installations, my preference is to to download the Zip file version, and unzip it in to a suitable root directory such as C:\Talend or /Applications/Talend. This depends on your Operating System and personal preferences.

Here are some screenshots from firing up Talend 5.3.0 RC1. Its early days; but all looks good so far. This was installed on Mac OSX. More to follow...

I'm running this version of Talend on OSX and I've installed in /Applications/TOS_DI-r100420-V5.3.0RC1. The Talend Designer is launched using TOS_DI-macosx-cocoa. Once installed, run the start script that is appropriate for your Operating System.

License Agreement

Accept (or reject), the License Agreement. Obviously, if you reject the License Agreement, it's all over.

Image 1

Select Project

The first choice you have is whether you should Import one of Telend's Demonstration Projects or to create your own Project. If you're new to Talend ,you may want to look at the demonstrations. Talend will be using the default workspace. Click on Advanced... if you want to select a different workspace, for example.

Image 2

Importing a Demonstration Project

In this screenshot, I've chosen to import the Demonstration Project TALENDDEMOSJAVA.

Image 3

Open a Project

Talend lists the available Projects. Select a Project and then select Open.

Image 4

Connect to TalendForge

You may, optionally, connect your Designer to TalendForge. You may also create your account, from here. For now, I've skipped this option.

Image 5

Splash Panel

Talend now displays a Splash Panel with various options. I usually select Start now!, to get default access to the Designer. You may, optionally, check the Selection Box Do not dislay again.

Image 6

Set-up Finished

Basic set-up for starting Talend is now complete and you can get going.

Image 7

Expert Consultancy from Yellow Pelican
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