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Downloading Talend

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Downloading Talend

Downloading Talend is a simple process. Just visit the Talend website and download the version you require. Talend may be installed on Windows, OSX, Unix and Linux.

Current Release

For the purpose of this documentation, we're installing Talend Open Studio (TOS) version 5.2 (which is the latest version at the time of writing). In May 2013, Talend 5.3.0 was released.

Which installer should I download?

There are two installers available from the Talend site, a Windows only executable and a zip file that may be installed on all three platforms. My personal preference is for the zipped version as this is a no-install installation.

Which platform should I use?

This is a personal choice. Talend Open Studio runs on Windows, OSX, Unix and Linux. My personal choice has been to develop on Windows; however, I also devlop on OSX from time to time. Windows has proven to be the best experience, so far. On OSX, the development environment can be a little quirky, although it seems to have improved in later versions. That said, Talend is very usable on OSX. I have no experience of Talend on Unix or Linux and, of course, there are many flavours of these.

Eclipse & Java

The Talend development environment is based on Eclipse and produces Java (or Python) code - Talend is a code-generator.


For information on installing Talend, follow these instructions.

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