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About Talend by Example

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About Talend by Example

I started as both a way to improve my own knowledge of Talend and to improve (hopefully) the online help that is available. Although there is technical and example information available, it didn't always meet my expections or explain complex subjects in sufficient detail.

The examples on this site are designed to be helpful to both the novice and seasoned professional alike; providing both basic and in-depth analysis of the components and techniques used.

I've also provided technical information. This is not to repeat what's already available; but to expand on the not so well-documented aspects of Talend and to highlight the bits you can miss and some dos and don'ts of using Talend.

If you've used an ETL tool before, you'll start to become familiar with Talend fairly quickly; however, it's worth remembering that plugging together a bunch of similarly-named components is not always the best or most efficient way to achive your goal.

This is a new resource and will take time to build. There's not much here at the moment; but please keep checking back.

Your comments and contributions are always welcome, so please feel free email me at

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Expert Consultancy from Yellow Pelican
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